A project bigger than myself

Hirschherz Brauerei started just a little under a year ago with a gift from my wonderful partner, Herr Hanß Leiland Adelbrecht, when he gifted me a gallon mead making starter set. That simple gift took a curiosity of mine and turned it into a real hobby. My biggest hobby of all is the SCA, and my interest in brewing started there, more than 20 years ago,when I joined and learned of others who brewed in that organization.

My work is largely for me to share with my friends in the SCA. I have taken my Mead to several events and I have even won a brewing contest by popular vote for my first Dragon’s Blood Mead. This gave me the confidence to send several bottles of my Suß Met (Sweet Mead) and my Dragon’s Blood Mead to Pennsic War for the use of my King and Queen in the SCA. I have been considering how I would like to continue that practice of donating my work and I have decided that I want to start producing larger volumes to donate.

Currently I have the means to make about 5-6 gallon batches of my mead, I am looking to take that up to 10 gallons at a time as well as gain the means to serve the product in quick fashion. I would like to invest in a couple of 10 gallon fermentation buckets and a few more carboys. I would also like to be able to get my hands on a jockey box, some kegs and other assorted equipment.

To do this, I want to start early in the new year by brewing two batches of mead, one Dragon’s Blood, one Suß Met, so that I can have time to not only brew the product, but to age it several months before Pennsic War in Early August. Then going forward, I would brew two new mead batches each August after Pennsic for the follow Pennsic, giving each future batch a full year to age.

Cider would be made starting in early June, giving enough time to brew the cider and enough time to age it before serving. I would make one batch of my Kirsche Apfelwein and possibly one batch of Basic Cider.

So I have the idea, I have the timeline, I have some of the resources already… What I don’t have is the money to make this all happen by myself, the total cost to see this happen by next pennsic would be about $2200. As I am not in the brewing game for profit, I am doing this for the fun of it. So, I want to partner with a folks who will be able to help make this vision a reality. My complete wish list would put this far out of reach for another year or two if I had to buy everything new myself. So here is the list of all the things I need to get to make it happen, along with an indication if I am open to borrowing equipment items for the time being until I can get some of those items for myself.

Donations of equipment (Loaners or Gifts), ingredients, money and time are all welcome and appreciated. I am very interested in seeing this as a workshop for folks who want to work on a slightly larger scale while still home brewing. But also as a general overview of brewing in general for newcomers who are interested and want to be a part of something like this.

This is bigger than myself and as such I want it to represent the efforts of everyone involved, so all who participate will be credited with their contribution.

We have a Wishlist on Amazon you can visit HERE: http://a.co/2aabVoH

Become a patron, or become a volunteer

List Item Quantity Anticipated Cost per Item Loaner Accepted? Notes
Indian Summer Apple Cider 128oz (1 Gal) 6 $7 NO This is a consumable resource
Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider 11 $7 NO This is a consumable resource
6 Gallon Carboy 4 $30-45 YES Glass or PET are acceptable
PBW Cleaner 4 LBS 2 $32 NO This is a consumable resource
STAR SAN Sanitizer 2 $25 NO This is a consumable resource
Yeast Nutrient 1 LBS 1 $6 NO This is a consumable resource
Yeast Energizer 1 LBS 1 $20 NO This is a consumable resource
Pectic Enzyme Powder 1 LBS 1 $13 NO This is a consumable resource
5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs 4 $65-100 YES Used in good condition welcome
Double Gauge Regulator for 2 kegs 1 $80 YES
5# or 10# Aluminum CO2 Tank 2 $70 YES
Ball Lock Disconnect Sets 4 $15 YES Two for use, two for backups
Gas and Alcohol Tubing, clamps, etc. 4 $30 YES Two for use, two for backups
10 Gallon Primary Fermenter and Lid 2 $35 YES
BREWER’S BEST 8 GALLON BASIC BREWING KETTLE 1 $60 YES I would love to have 2 of these for use, but don’t want more than 1 for constant possession.
Spring Water 128oz (1 Gal) 10 $1 NO This is a consumable resource
Draft Jockey Box 2 Faucet 1 $300 YES Home Build is cool
5 Gallon Beverage Cooler 2 $30 NO

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