Dragon’s Blood Mead Bottled & the Loss of a Batch

Today the Brauerei got to to work bottling our Dragon’s Blood Mead. I back sweetened this with a mixture of 2 quarts of Spring Water and 12 oz of clover honey, the same honey that went into the original must. I added the back sweetening mixture into the gallon of mead in 2 cup increments, at each increment I taste tested the batch. Once I got to 6 cups I dropped back to 1 cup increments and only needed 1 cup before I decided the taste was where I wanted it.

I checked the gravity, it came to 1.008, giving me a final ABV of 10.76% on this batch.

I am happy with this one, it came out as I hoped and I will now let the bottles age until August when some will be included in the contributions to the Pennsic War supply for the Crown of the Middle Kingdom.

This batch is good and we are enjoying a glass as I write this.

Sadly today I lost one of my children, Sweet Mead #1, the first batch of mead I ever started, went bad on me since the last racking and I had to throw it out. I should say I am not surprised, it was the odd ball of the three batches so far. I will learn from the experience and be more careful with the next one.  But since Sweat Mead #2 came out great already and part of that batch is now aging for the coming Pennsic War, and since this first batch of Dragon’s Blood has gone so well, I am not worried I don’t have the chops for this.

Stay tuned for the upcoming educational video where I will be showing some more of the process on the Dragon’s Blood Mead.

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