Follow up from Scribin’ & Imbibin’

The first bottle of Hirschherz Brauerei Suß Met (Sweet Mead), debuted yesterday at Scribin’ and Imbibin’: A Monk’s Life and I am thrilled with the response.
I was nervous and excited and generally eager to see the reaction to it. It was thrilling to see people respond favorably to my first outing in the Brewing world and I look forward to sharing more of my work with the public at a future date when they are ready.
This was a surprise occurrence, this one small gallon batch just happened to come together for this, I hadn’t expected to have anything to share with anyone for a good long while. The rest of that first batch of bottled mead, will now await Pennsic War, where it will be part of the Barony of Ayreton Taxes to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom. I hope to hear feedback from there and look forward to any commentary that may come.
Thank you to all who sampled and provided feedback yesterday.

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