The first rack of the first cider

Hirschherz Brauerei – Turkish Honey Crisp Cider – Before Back-sweetening – 9.98%

Our first cider has been racked over to its second fermentation.

This will be our Turkish Honey Crisp Cider.

It is made from non-alcoholic Honey Crisp Cider and Turkish Honey, both from Trader Joes.

It was made with Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast which has an alcohol tolerance up to 18%. I could have continued to feed this one with more honey or cider for sugar, but my goal here was not to create a huge ABV, but rather to simply pull those flavors of the Honey Crisp and the Turkish Honey, I feel I’ve succeeded in that aim. This will get

back sweetened before bottling with Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate, or “FAJC” and min more of the same honey.

I will give it a week to stabilize and then I’ll add the back sweetening and then bottle a day or two later assuming there is no further fermentation and it remains still.

The goal is for a still cider.

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