Turkish Honey Crisp Cider Bottled Tonight

Turkish Honey Crisp Cider
Bottled March 23rd 2018
2.89% ABV

The first batch of Turkish Honey Crisp Cider got back sweetened today and it was not quite a success. This one fermented out very dry, way too dry for my taste. I back sweetened it using more of the same Turkish Honey that I found at Trader Joes and FAJC, but I think it was too much of the Honey and certainly too much of the back sweetening syrup mix, it came out much sweeter than I had intended.

I will likely cut the honey in the back sweetening a bit and reduce the back sweetening by about half on the next batch. While I would have liked to have brewed up the next batch at 4 gallons, I need to play with this one more before I do that.

In addition to being too sweet, this was just under 10% ABV before back sweetening, I accidentally brought the ABV down to just under 3%, so it is a bit too low on the alcohol content as well. It is chilling now, so we will see how it tastes once chilled.

This was made on a whim after I saw the Honey Crisp Cider and Turkish Honey at Trader Joe’s. I hadn’t drilled down very deeply into the making of ciders, but I will take what I have learned here and look into more information before I make the next batch.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you just get very sweet weak booze.

Lesson learned, fun still had, so I am not complaining about the fact that it didn’t turn out like I had hoped.

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