The Wish List

As this little project gains more steam, I have come to realize that there are things I will want for the Brauerei. To that end, I am going to start a list here of things that I will want to have. I am going to work to come up with whatever I can myself, but if you would like to contribute something to the Brauerei, just let us know so we can remove that item from the Wish List and allow me the opportunity to repay your donation with some of the fruits of my labors.

This is going to be a living list, it will be updated as things are acquired or new things are found that will be of use.

Jockey Box / Draft Box

A Jockey Box / Draft Box

An excellent way to serve cold products.
I have a plan to try and build one out and plan
to start with one tap and orient it on one side
of the box like this to be able to expand it to two
taps at a later date.


Rapids Beer Tapping Kit for Cornelius Kegs | Ball Type Inlets

Rapids Beer Tapping Kit for Cornelius Kegs | Ball Type Inlets

Used to force the product from the keg, using CO2 results in
carbonation, using Nitrogen Gas will prevent that. Planning to
use CO2.


5 Gallon Stainless Ball Lock Keg with Dual Rubber Handle - AMCYL5 Gallon Stainless Ball Lock Kegs

All of the above is great, but without a keg or two to hook up it’s all pretty useless.



More to Come