Being Known in the SCA… Thoughts on Art and Service Dependents

Spawned from Master Phillip, then Count William, and then through His Lordship Brynn, I finally entered the discussion of Peerage/Dependent Relationships and the path to, as I now will call it, thank you Dame Kriemhilt, Renown… This is, as pointed out by Kriemhilt, something that is separate from Peerage, yet integral, in my opinion, to the path to Peerage.
My idea offering is in expanding on two existing activities that could, in my opinion, be better utilized to create an analogous to the TOC/TOD events, for the promotion of Renown for Apprentices and Proteges.
We could expand on the current Pelican/Protege Meet ups, or the Laurel Prize Events. Get one going in each region, perhaps in each Region per reign. Making it a request to get the Peers of each of the Orders to attend one of these as a priority event for them in their region. This way you can say to a Protege or Apprentice ‘you should try to make 5 of these 10 annual events if possible to get yourself seen’.
Put the onus on the Peers to look for the yellow or green belts and make a point of talking to as many of the Dependents at that event as possible. It should be on the Peer to seek out the Dependents in my opinion, only because we have so many Peers in the Kingdom, and so many who do not necessarily wear their Peerage overtly, but more Dependents who DO wear their belts I think. Simply put, “Dependents, you get to these events over the next few years, as much as possible too, and we, the Peers, will do our part to initiate some getting to know you moments.”
Also, some Peers are going to be more reserved, maybe not so comfortable initiating conversations, so Dependents be aware and be friendly, courteous and kind… you know, like you should be anyway.
I think this would help to give more specific goals that can be more realistically met by Dependents to be seen in the Kingdom and known by the Orders and frankly the general populace, so that it is something with less of an ambiguous nature and more of a structured scheduled table to be utilized as one tool in helping to achieve the goal of Renown and if the Orders see fit and the Crown agrees, a Path to Peerage.
Now, this is far from the only tool in that box, one needs to be more than known, they need to do good works, they need to measure their health, mental and physical, with their duties/arts/etc, they need to elevate their prowess/skill to be worthy of Renown/Elevation, and yet still more elements that vary from Peer to Peer and Dependent to Dependent.
Just my two cents… from no one of consequence.

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