The dreamer awakens to The Dream

I watched this video the other day, and as I watched it stirred within me something that I had almost forgotten. Please take the time to watch this and hopefully the rest of this entry will make more sense to you.

Nearly 22 years ago now, almost a quarter century ago, I stumbled upon a group of people who were part of a whole Kingdom of people and part of an entire Society of People and Kingdoms. I thought to myself then, what a peculiar bunch. I got to know some of those people and I discovered a rich community of accomplished human beings, not only in the group, but in their personal lives. I found a community which actively drew me into itself and I allowed myself to be engulfed within its culture. This lead to a demo and then an Event and then still more. I was following a rabbit down a deep corridor. I don’t really know at what point I stopped being a guest and what later point I became a part of it. I just kinda came home and it was right, it’s like I always knew this place, I just forgot I knew.

Within the SCA I discovered an immersion, a fusion of imagination with tangible reality, it was a new outlook on the world that had previously remain out of my field of view. I heard sounds and they had new meaning, I saw rolling hills and I saw another place long ago. I began to see around me ways in which I was no longer part of the mundane. I had peered beyond the veil and I saw another world, where men and women ruled as Kings and Queens. Where Knights and Masters of diverse skills were pillars and examples. I fell in love with a campfire and the aroma of it on the air. I read sections of books and heard songs and I was transported in my mind to an event, a moment. I dreamed of being at events while I slept and day dreamed about it. I was in love with a kind of magic that I had seen, heard, smelled and tasted. I had stepped into a realm where I was a noble born who should hold his head high…. I was also 17 and I managed to stick it so high that I fell backwards a few times with my own over inflated ego and while I may have kept falling, and occasionally stormed off like an impetuous child, I would eventually get back up and try again. It was easy, because I had managed to get myself into the mindset of being that young noble born. Then, in the past few years, things have changed. Somewhere between 22 years ago and a few years ago, I lost that sense of who I was in the group. It became more mundane again somehow. In time I became overly stressed out and I stopped seeing the fun. I still did things, because they needed to be done and I cared about the organization enough that it was easy to say yes. But it was no longer rooted in that magic. I might have continued to be friendly enough, but I have lost that sense of nobility and its bearings. I stopped being Alexander and I started being someone else, I know that is a bit vague, but it’s the best way I can describe it.

It would be easy enough to say that I have had a bad few years, medically, emotionally and even mundanely politically… I could write 95% of it off to outside forces due to these factors, but that other 5%… that 5% is still a large enough factor for me, that I need to work with what I have control over and I need to wield it again for the good of myself, my family, my friends and the SCA. What I can do to accomplish that goal is being the better version of myself, the fun version, the noble version and absolutely some of the goofy version as well still.

Recently I have been getting a taste of that old magic again. I am getting hints of what lay beyond the veil once more. I am daydreaming again and even sleep dreaming. The dream now isn’t about my own nobility, it is about the nobility of those around me, and what I want more than anything is to see those others experience that magic. I want to help others experience the SCA the way I did 22 years ago and draw them in through their own magic moments, not just one moment but many. I truly believe that a person who has a magic moment will be intrigued, but someone who has many magic moments will become drawn into our Society for a very long time.

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